Wednesday, July 31, 2013

last of the mohegans....or the day i broke down and bought a kindle.

          anyone who knows me personally, knows that i adore books, the way they smell, the texture of the paper, the sound of the crisp pages turning, ahhhhhh, i love book.
          my love affair with books started when i was very young and would visit my local brooklyn branch of the library, "where the wild things are", "the lonely doll", "bread and jam for frances"..."charlottes web" made me cry each time i read it and how i lost myself for endless summer days reading "the hardy boys", "nancy drew" and lets not forget those  "bobsy twins"!
          i can pour over magazines the dozens and have every issue of mary englebreits home magazine categorized by season.and have dozens and dozens of cookbooks,hell im a paper artist! a trip to the book store is like disney land, its not just a trip but an experience, am i painting a picture for you here?
         i was having nothing to do with an electronic book of any kind,i would poo poo such an idea. electronic book, what idiot thought that was a good idea?
      well, i received a gift card from my students and wanted to buy something that would remind me of them and i was chatting about books with my mom and she and my dad both have kindles and share books, and i'm trying to purge items in my home and more books is the last thing i need, i can only use so many to decorate with, not to mention how expensive they are to buy. so i thought, why the hell not indulge in a kindle and see what all the hoopla was about for myself. julian has been wanting one as well so off to best buy we went to purchase our electronic books. now we got the basic model, i couldn't bring myself to get the more expensive one even though my give card was very generous, but i did have some shoes in mind and i wasn't even sure i would enjoy using this foreign object. well folks i'm here to tell you I LOVE MY KINDLE........yikes, there i said it, i do, i love it.its easy to read, its light and reading in bed is so enjoyable, no fussing with the book, loosing pages, or getting a cramp in my hand, i have downloaded several books and can't put the darn thing down! its as if i have learned to read for the first time and cannot get enough.
       now don't get me wrong, i will still take trips to the book store and i will still buy a gazillion magazines and the odd book now and again, but this gal has caught up with them if i could only figure out how to set the dvd player and work my remote and i will be an electronic guru!

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