Monday, September 27, 2010

dish washer decoupage...

i had decoupaged my dishwasher about five years ago,and i was a little sick of the image that was one there....i peeled it all off and than started again, only to hate what i picked next so i peeled that off too,and back to the drawing board!....i found these gorgeous napkins at the chelsea market yesterday,and was inspired!...napkins are great to decoupage with, first i peel the layers and there is usually 3 layers, i just use the image. thani used modge podge to adhere the napkins to the dishwasher....i its not completely finished i think it needs to sort of trim, but i will let this cure for a while before i add anything else...p.s. i did this all while running the dishwasher, hows that for multi tasking!

Monday, September 20, 2010

bench re-do

i finally got to some of the things on my to do list this weekend, one of them was to re upholster my antique bench. my cat thinks this is his scratching post,and ruined the burlap that i had on here previously.i purchased some new burlap for 2.99 a yard at my local fabric store.  i decided to stencil my burlap with a french stencil that i love. i used a chocolate brown acrylic paint. after it dried i stapled it to the exising bench seat and viola!!!