Thursday, November 26, 2009

giving thanks.....

as i get ready to celebrate thanksgiving this year with my family,i am giving thanks for all that i have... a beautiful family,wonderful friends, a comfortable home, and today  most of all i am thankful for my grandmothers giant cast iron pot....i make everything in this sunny yellow pot,and i swear to you it all tastes better!
       i inherited all her cast iron ware after she died, and i celebrate her every single day in using one piece or another.... last night i used it to make so many things,it was a great help to me...i miss my grammy more than i could ever put into words, but she lives on in my heart and in my pot, and for this i am oh so thankful!
                                             many blessings from my house to yours....happy thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

the start of november

i find that when i am stressed or happy, upset or thrilled, i always find myself celebrating in my kitchen.... it always goes back to nurturing for me, nurturing my family,nurturing my feelings, nurturing my life...i can usually solve any problem by standing in front of my stove,mixing up a batch of cookies, or a delicious meal.if i need inspiration,or to calm myself down, i can always do it with spoon in hand.
                                                     even when i find it hard for me to concentrate,as soon as start chopping garlic, or stirring  risotto, it helps me to focus on the task on hand and instantly soothes me. i think this is why i can relate so closely to ina, paula,alex and nigella....they are so passionate about cooking, it is there essence, their being....and like me it is there passion and joy.