Sunday, November 1, 2009

the start of november

i find that when i am stressed or happy, upset or thrilled, i always find myself celebrating in my kitchen.... it always goes back to nurturing for me, nurturing my family,nurturing my feelings, nurturing my life...i can usually solve any problem by standing in front of my stove,mixing up a batch of cookies, or a delicious meal.if i need inspiration,or to calm myself down, i can always do it with spoon in hand.
                                                     even when i find it hard for me to concentrate,as soon as start chopping garlic, or stirring  risotto, it helps me to focus on the task on hand and instantly soothes me. i think this is why i can relate so closely to ina, paula,alex and nigella....they are so passionate about cooking, it is there essence, their being....and like me it is there passion and joy.

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becomingkate said...

I hope you had a lovely Halloween Stacy!