Thursday, November 10, 2011

me and j

its been a lovely few months in my world, actually its been a lovely 6 months to be exact. despite a hurricane, a fall snow storm and  two power outages, my life has been full of fun, love and laughter. as thanksgiving is upon us, i would like to take the time to give thanks for the small everyday gifts i have been blessed with. i had a very difficult start to this year, and as the year will be coming to a close soon enough i am so thankful that i made it through and am happier than i thought i would ever be again. so take the time to enjoy a picnic, or a sun rise or a song with is short, and unexpected so carpe diem, carpe diem!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

eric carle carnival

hello everyone, ive missed you all out there in blog land, alot has happened in the past few months. i have wanted to post but cannot figure out how to post pics from my iphone and that is my main source of communication as of late. i finally broke down and opened up my lap top and decided to post pics from the eric carle carnival that i ran in the spring. it was a smashing success and the kids,parents and teachers enjoyed themselves! here are a few pics of the day, i can post directions to any of the ideas you see if you would like. other than that things with me are going great. another school year is off to a good start, alot of crying three yr olds to contend with but they are so darn loveable!....happy tuesday and i promise to post more consistently, after all i did make it a new yrs resolution last year, damn it!.....cheers!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tame me

Tame me, oh tame me
I need to be tamed

Tame me, oh tame me
If you know my name

My head is restless,
My heart,
My soul

Tame me, please tame me
And make me feel whole

Running wild through the depths of the sea

Tame me, oh tame me
My name is ec-Stacy

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Started out backwards,commited sight unseen,
who would have thought it would have ever lost it's sheen.
The glasses we wore were the color of rose,
Until resentment set in,when it was I just don't know.
Our love was forever I never thought it would end,
Now I'm left sitting alone.........barely friends.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eulogy for my grandfather, Joseph John mazzarino .july 26 1914- January 20, 2011

From a very little girl I remember my grandfather being my best friend. I would sit for endless hours listening to his stories while he rubbed my back, his words like a lullaby,soothing,comforting, I couldn't remember a better feeling.
I remember Sunday mornings,going to visit after church.he would have bagels and donuts and I was allowed to have a little coffee with milk, I felt so grown up! I would eat a bagel and cream cheese and Joseph a bagel with butter, and we would fight over which mug we would get.
Joseph and I would be so excited when our parents went away because we knew Grammy and grampy would babysit,and that meant trips to the candy store, trips to the toy store, lots of junk food and of course chocolate pudding pie! How lucky my brother and I were to have the "best of grampy".
Last night I was thinking that not only was he mine and joseph's first best friend,but tj's as well. He insisted on driving me to all of his doctors appointments,buying all of his shoes and taking us out for burgers,(hence the name poppa burger). He was allies' first best friend playing with her for hours,worrying because she didn't speak for the first year and a half,( now she doesn't shut up,little did we know!). Followed by trey's first best friend playing ball in the alley and taking him to the corner for candy, and segi's first best friend even in his 90's!
A greater gift we couldn't ask for. He brought out the best in everyone he came across and made everyone feel special. He gave love away freely and love always found it's way back to him. We thought he was invincible, he would live forever! Allie told me that she thought he would be here for her children,it never crossed her mind that he wouldn't be. But Joe Joe would not have wanted to live if his quality of life was compromised. He knew when the show was over and left this world quickly and quietly with dignity. He leaves behind a family that has learned so much from him. He was so proud of each and every one of us and he will live on in our hearts forever. He believed in humanity and found the good in everyone. I realize he has helped me be the woman that I am today and I know he would be so thrilled to see all the love in this church and over the past few days. We celebrate a life lived to the fullest. He was a humble man who was so rich with love and was so thankful for each day he had on this earth.
It was mother Teresa who said, "we can do no great things,only small things with great love", my grandpa lived it....sleep well dear grampy, Joe Joe,poppa burger, we love you!