Tuesday, September 13, 2011

eric carle carnival

hello everyone, ive missed you all out there in blog land, alot has happened in the past few months. i have wanted to post but cannot figure out how to post pics from my iphone and that is my main source of communication as of late. i finally broke down and opened up my lap top and decided to post pics from the eric carle carnival that i ran in the spring. it was a smashing success and the kids,parents and teachers enjoyed themselves! here are a few pics of the day, i can post directions to any of the ideas you see if you would like. other than that things with me are going great. another school year is off to a good start, alot of crying three yr olds to contend with but they are so darn loveable!....happy tuesday and i promise to post more consistently, after all i did make it a new yrs resolution last year, damn it!.....cheers!

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