Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the day my daughter was born...reprise

memorial day, may 25,1992,1:25 p.m. 8 pounds 13 ounces...my daughter, alexandria marie antonelle came into this world,with not a breath, no heart beat and an apgar score of 0,this was the single most tragic and miraculous day of my life to date...my water broke in the middle of the night but i wasn't dialating at all and after several hours the doctor gave me choice to either have a c-section or pitocin to bring on my labor...i had a previous c-section with my son t.j. and i would have opted for another c-section ,but all the nurses and the doctor advised me to go with the pitocin...(no one told me that there was a high risk of a uteran rupture when given pitocin after a section) they started the pitocin drip and my labor came on fast and furious...all was progressing well and i was given an epidural...i felt like i had to push, thomas went to get the camera,but when the doctor checked my cervix, i was bleeding heavlily and i was going into shock...they rushed me into the delivery room and without me even knowing(i literally had no idea) the doctor in 4 minutes time cut me open (without even washing his hands)and took my little lifeless daughter from me...
"you have a baby girl, what would you like to name her and do you want her baptized" was what the nurse asked me minutes after i was rushed into the delivery room.i looked at her in shock and out of the corner of my eye i saw doctors and nurses working on my little girl...they called a code blue and pushed a screaming thomas out of the room. by this time i was loosing massive amounts of blood, and the doctor operated on me for several hours at the same time my daughter was attached to a respirator fighting for her life...
i wasn't allowed to see her for several days,because i was too critically ill and so was my baby,the nurses would take polaroid pictures of her with tubes down her throat and a teeny tiny iv in her foot...the doctors said she wouldn't make it and they told thomas that he would be a widower,there was not much hope for either of us, but by the grace of God alexandria marie antonelle pulled the respitaor out of her throat, and started to breath on her own... two weeks later we where home and getting stronger everyday!
my daughter is the essence of strength and perserverence, and from her first day on earth was a fighter...and she hasn't stopped yet! she is a fantastic student, always making honor role,and the most wonderful daughter in the world,she will make a great mother someday, she has quite the maternal instinct, and has the most infectious laugh on earth...she has a smile that lights of the world,in fact when she was a baby she would wake up in her crib, rubbing her little nose on the mattres,and than lift her head and smile so bright...to this day it is the single most beautiful memory i have...i cry when i think of her, and even though she was born in may, she truly came in like a lion!!!...allie girl i love and adore you!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day...

to all the mommy's out there, i want to wish you all a happy mother's day...i made my mom a special book with old stories that my grandmother wrote down for me, i photo copied them and made a little book for her, my mom cried...we miss my grandmother oh so much...and i try to honor her every day! she was the best!

Friday, May 8, 2009

chocolate decadence....

this trader joe's chocolate decadence cereal is delightfully chocolaty and delicious! now i am not a cereal fan, in fact aside from putting some kashi in my yogurt i never eat it, but i bought this cause it had the name chocolate on the box, and it is the most chocolaty of chocolate cereal, and packed with fiber and made from wheat,its good for you too!...so run don't walk to your nearest trader joe's for some today!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

museum fun...

my school is having a museum day next week, were we will each transform our classrooms into a room in a museum...i picked "pop art" and we have been busy making different piecese for the exhibit... we are making some of our own pollacks, harings,lichensteins, warhols and more... we are making giant sized tootise rolls, bubble gum, hersheys kisses, and more... here are some pics of us hard at work!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

filet mignon,ella and louie....

tonight we decided to cook in, so we went to trader joes and got some filet mignon,topped with crimini mushrooms on a bed on fresh baby spinach with garlic mashed potatoes...we drank absolut with blood orange soda,and listened to some jazz...it was fabulous!

Friday, May 1, 2009

allie's prom

the prom was very stressful, and it took forever for hair and make up and her driver got lost and they didn't get to the prom until 9..and she was at the after party by 10:30....she's tired today!