Sunday, May 16, 2010

love affairs...

oh what a beautiful sunday, the birds are chirpping,and the sun is shining!...the possibilities are endless!...should we drive into manhattan?... because as many people like to flock to the beach on a beautiful sunny day,  i like to flock to the city!...the sites, the smells, the people, the shopping...thats right i have quite the love affair with manhattan...the minute i get through the tunnel, its like the energy is different, electric some how...and like a moth to the flame, cannot stay away....when i am there, i am home!!!....what is your love affair?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my grammie's sewing table....

here is a picture of my grandmother's old sewing table that i use as my night table....i painted and decoupaged it, and absolutly love this piece...i am posting it here today because i saw on "someday crafts" blog a post called "what to do with an old sewing table?" here is what i did!....i tried to use the machine, and it does still work, but not very well, and i love the shape of the table, the front opens up, and their is a little shelf inside to hold my chapstick and reading glasses....and i have some of my most favorite things on the top!....thanks someday crafts!!! what have you repurposed?

Monday, May 10, 2010

to my mother.....

dear mom, i wish you a very happy mother's are my biggest fan,and my cheerleader. you always try to help me and support me 100%....your help is so appreciated,and i don't know what i would do without you!...i hope you know how much i love you, say i am strong, but i think you are the strong one...always putting everyone else in front of yourself, your my hero!....i hope you enjoyed your special day,and every day!!!
    all my love,stacy

Saturday, May 8, 2010

a 5 yr. old memory.....

do you remember rock flower dolls?....these little dolls came out in 1971, and as a wee little girl i fell madly in love with them the minute i saw the cheesy commercial,....ahhh i still remember the feeling i get when i think back!...they were the size of dawn,(their bodies were more pliable) but they were mod,and they came with their own album that when you put the record on,you attached the doll to the top,and they danced like wild!ohhhh, now you remember what i'm talking about!!!!!i bought heather, the blonde, years ago,and the other day my dear friend donna sent me lilac,the red head in the was a total surprise, and when i opened the box, it brought me right back to being 5 years old.....aren't they so so gorgeous?...almost 40 yrs later, i get the same feeling when i see them!!! so whats your favorite 5 yr. old memory?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

may day.....

when i got my new issue of somerset life magazine and saw these cute little recycled toilet paper baskets,(page 34,creative idea #2 "hanging pretty") i couldn't believe how unbelievably cute they were.....i had to make them right away!...i was like a kid in a paper,er i mean candy store. i rushed home from work and started to wrap,dip and embellish these little goodies!
     here is take a toilet paper roll and flatten it,you glue the bottom tigether with a little hot glue, securing with a clothes pin until set.
       gather your favorite papers,cut to fit yout roll and wrap and glue the paper onto the roll. i than added some trim papers that i cut with a decorative scissor, and glued to the top and bottom...this adds interest and beauty.  melt some wax in a pat, you must know that the pot you use will now be the wax melting pot forever... i keep this in my craft closet. so melt the wax, on very low,and than brush it onto your little baskets. i find this very gratifying, the wax gives everything a soft vintage feel.
      now the fun part......gather ribbons and bits and pieces, baubles and beads, and start embellishing as you wish...
         than i punched a whole on either side and strung wire through it to hang. add a piece of tulle inside and you are ready to give this little treasure with a secret note or little gift tucked inside.
in honor of may day surprise a friend by hanging one on their door knob today...!