Sunday, October 10, 2010

another day with my lover......

wicked ice cream sandwich
mr. brainwash icons, spray can heart
nine for bloody mary's
growing up in brooklyn was fun and sentimental to me in many ways, it reminds me of family, and good friends,and tradition, i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world........but my one true love is manhattan....anyone who knows me  knows that i visit as often as my busy schedule allows. any excuse for me to drive out of jersey and through the tunnel is a celebration for me!...a few weeks ago robert and i went to see a fantastic exhibit called mr. brainwash icons. check it out here it was down in the very trendy meat packing district. i haven't been down there in a while and i was quiet impressed with how lovely it is with its upscale stores, fabulous resturaunts,and great bars...we visited chelsea market,which is a treat in itself....while robert ate a sushi feast, i ran from shop to shop and couldn't resist jacques torres chocolate shop and walked out with a sweet treat worth every single calorie...the wicked ice cream sandwich!...which is a ginormous icecream sandwich made on chocolate chip cookies that are laced with chipotle chocolate chunks,and these were no ordinary chunks...they are huge, like the size of quarters er only square!...check it out here... (i only ate half)....we visited a beautiful little bar, that called our names with promises of bloody mary's and an old ny feel that did not disappoint. i must say my manhattan never ever lets me down!
chelsea market

Monday, October 4, 2010

chocolate bark.....

i found this recipe in the october issue of bon appetit magazine. it looked too good to pass up, all weekend i baked to send out care packages to my daughter and her friends, and this was on my list.... first i chopped up all different candy bars, i used snickers,twix,kit kats, butterfingers and chocolate covered marshmallows. than i melted bittersweet chocolate, i used giurdelli chocolate morsels, they are delicious( they taste like dove dark chocolate bites!)...i melted mine in a pot on low heat, i poured them out onto tin foil and than topped it with all the chocolate bars and some fall colored M&M's and peanut butter M&M's....let this set for a few hours and than break into pieces.....heavenly!!!