Sunday, May 5, 2013

sending this out to the universe

Picnic sandwiches
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its no surprise to you that this has been a very stressful year for my family and myself. the loss of my uncle has been a devastating one and i don't think we will ever get over his untimely death. now we are facing some financial worries. i know that necessity is the mother of invention and i have worked very hard to provide for my family after my divorce but i need to find something to do to supplement my income. so i need some advice, and here is where you, my friends come in, here are some of my business ideas
1. selling my famous raspberry torte, it is delicious, it is always one of the most requested desserts that i make, good idea? pros/cons?
2. i could be a picnic planner, i love picnics, i make lovely picnics for my family, i could make a lovely romantic picnic or a family picnic for twelve, no problem, from sandwiches to dessert, and all the accouterments, i am your gal! good idea? pros/cons?
3. simple art/baking classes for children?i am a preschool teacher, i am an artist, and i am a cook (although not professionally trained) i would really enjoy some small classes with kids, what fun we could have. good idea? pros/cons?
just writing these ideas down have made me feel a bit less confused but would love and appreciate any feed back you could offer.
so i;m sending this out to the universe....universe can you hear me?

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