Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baking a rainbow

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We made these cupcakes on st. Patty's day, and as you kn ow we have made every kind of rainbows imaginable, so why not cupcakes!
This recipe was taken from family fun magazine and the kids had a ball making them as well as eating them.
Here is the recipe:
Prepare a box of white cake mix according to directions, than divide the batter into 7 smaller bowls, now it's time to mix the colors...
Red- 18 drops red coloring
Orange- 12 yellow and 4 red drops
Yellow- 12 drops of yellow
Green- 12 drops of green
Blue- 12 drops of blue
Purple- 9 drops of red and 6 drops of blue
Now you are going to spoon each color in one at a time starting with the purple on the bottom, and ending wi the red on top, this is a bit time consuming but they come out beautiful, bake as directed and serve, fun and delicious! Enjoy

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