Friday, December 31, 2010


happy new year to all my friends in blog land.....if you knew me in real life you would know that i don't typically make new years resolutions, i don't even enjoy ringing in the new year...i hate change!... since i was a little girl, i just can't get with the whol new year idea. i was content and happy with the old one, why change it?.....all in all i would rather pretend that it's not even happening, ( i am a cancer after all, and we hate change and we are homebodies), so if i had my druthers, i would be at home, not celebrating a new year!, but i my effort to be more organized i started to make lists this week...and i  made a list of new years resolutions, mostly because i enjoy checking things off my list as i do them, i get a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, i highly recommend it! is my new years resolutions....ready?
1.let the little things go...i good example of this would be my son leaving his socks all over the place and never with the dirty laundry, it drives me crazy but i vow to let it go.....awww, see, its working out great so far!
2. i invested in a pedomiter over the summer and walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, which i vow to keep doing everyday in 2011...dr.oz suggests we all walk 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy, i believe he is correct!
3.i will sit at my art table every day and do something creative,even if its making a tag,or doodling. (of course teaching preschool i have to be creative everyday, but i mean on a personal level).
4. psalm 46:10 "be still and know i am God"
5. i will greet the day with thankfullness and enthusiasm...(see #1)
6. tolerence towards others who don't have the same ideas as me....i tend to think my ideas are the best,(i know i know, bitchy!) and not give my opinion unless it is needed.
7. do a minimum of one kind thing each and every day for a stranger, co worker etc....
8. get organized....i am a bit of a scatter brain, and although i hate clutter and mess i am unorganized, or as i like to refer to it as closet caos....(as long as its out of sight i am ok with it).
so in closing i would like to encourage everyone to make a resolution list, it was good to write down my goals and it gives me a challenge for the new year, perhaps this year i will be ok with ringing in the new and saying goodbye to the old!.....

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Ruey said...

Awesome Stac! Perhaps I should make a list of my own!
By the way, 10,000 steps is a lot of walking...and I walk 3 miles almost every go girl!
Happy New Year dear friend!