Monday, August 30, 2010

cooking zucchini blossoms

things in my life seem to be changing at a rapid pace,and they are not all happy changes....the one constant in my life is cooking, i mean when things seem really tough i get down and dirty in my instantly makes me feel better and i know that everything will be alright!...i recently bought some zucchini blossoms at the farmers market and i channeled my great grandmother and fried them up. they were delicious! 
  here is what i did...first make sure you wash the blossoms thoroughly to get out any little critters that may be living inside. pull out the stamen and the outer stem. dry with a paper towel and set aside. i made a simple batter with milk,eggs,flour,grating cheese, salt and pepper. the consistency was not to thick, but thick enough tostick to the blossoms.heat some  oil in a cast iron pot. when the oil is hot enough add your blossoms,turning until brown on all sides... i topped them with some fresh basil and served them right away....i think  great grandma raymonda would be proud!


Fijufic said...

I haven't had those since I was a child...Love 'em.


stacycakes said...

me g.g. used to make them all the time,they were delicious and brought back such good memories!!

Robert said...

So good!

Wizardress said...

I have never heard of these, but it sure looks tasty- I'd love to try them.

Hope that things start to balance out for you soon *hugs*