Tuesday, April 27, 2010

everyday miracles.....

yesterday the baby chicks started to hatch...we got to witness these small miracles, and one in, particular, come into this world...they made a small hole in the shell with the help of their egg tooth,and than slowly the egg started to crack...you could see how hard these little guys were working, trying to break free,taking small breaks in between the fight out of their birth home....after a few short naps,and much hard work they emerged,flopping around, eyes closed, small cheeps.....soon they dried out and fluffed up and they are just so adorable,don't you just want to take them home?....sadly the last little chick didn't make it, he took a long time to hatch and the other chickes were pecking at him before he was even fully out of his shell.....club foot and seemed to have wear his intestines on the outside, he floundered around and unfortunatly could not be saved....a little reminder of how fragile life really is....what a beautiful miracle for my 3 yr. olds to witness, it was so great to see the excitement on their little faces!...in honor if the chicks coming my class made paper mache eggs and little pom pom chicks...just part of our everyday miracles!

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