Saturday, January 23, 2010

its a bright, bright sunshiny day........

happy saturday, it is a beautiful,sunny day and i for one and thankful for a day of rest after a very exhausting week. here are the news journals i have been working on for valentine's day....make it a great day for yourself and make sure you do something fun....bake some cookies, or create some art, or sing on the top of your lungs,or dance like no one is's good for your heart and soul!


TiffanyJane said...

It's been beautiful weather here too! So nice to get out and do yard work :)
Love your journals, so pretty!
Haven't had too much fun as I have been doing laundry, changing sheets, cleaning the kitchen....all that fun stuff, although I do have my headphones on listening to my good music that keeps me energized! :)
Have a great weekend :)

stacycakes said...

thanks tiffany, sometimes i need to relax and think, and sitting at my drawing table is my outlet....hope you had a good weekend cleaning and listening to good music!!! thanks for sharing!